Video: Vikings involved in three of NFL's greatest plays


The NFL is taking over everything, including March Madness. has compiled the 64 single-greatest plays in NFL history and created an NCAA tournament-style bracket for fans to vote on. The Vikings made the list three times.

Tommy Kramer's hail mary to Ahmad Rashad in 1980 against the Browns is a No. 8-seed going up against Tony Dorsett's 99-yard touchdown run, which happened against the Vikings.

Randy Moss and Moe Williams earned a No. 5-seed with their incredible touchdown against the Broncos in 2003.

Garnering a No. 8-seed was Brett Favre's game-winning touchdown pass to Greg Lewis in week three of the 2009 season against the 49ers.

While the Vikes are on the list for three plays, they were also on the wrong end of five plays.

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