Video: Woman arrested after wading in Kaufmann Stadium fountain

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Was the game that boring?

So boring that a Kansas City Royals fan (perhaps over-served) would actually make a spectacle of herself and jump into the storied Kaufmann Stadium center field fountains?

Yes, it was. But a 13-0 blowout -- 6-0 after two innings -- will drive even the happiest of fans a bit loopy.

According to KMBZ radio, the woman may face charges after she was escorted by security from the pool. She claims she was pushed, but the video shows that it may have been very voluntary.

The suspect, from Iowa (we knew it!), was also the subject of a comprehensive article on Deadspin.

YouTube has the entire episode.

This first clip is a relatively close-up view, with concerned fans yelling stuff like: "Lady, you're gonna fall!"

In this clip, from further away, is a bit longer. We must warn you that the fans who shot the cell-phone images were not watching their language -- or their political correctness -- at the time:

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