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Video: Wrestler Goldberg tackles 'catcher'


Crazy baseball promotions are part of the game, and one of the best in memory played out at Marlins Ballpark Saturday night.

Former pro wrestler Bill Goldberg  was in Miami for a "Legends of Wrestling" promotion, according to Yahoo!Sports. After throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, Goldberg then "speared" the catcher (another wrestler, we presume ... not anyone on a major league roster).

For what it's worth: Pretty awesome...

So, how can we localize this?

Well, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the Twins should steal the idea (this September, when paying customers might be at a premium).

Our advice: Throw a ton of money at WWE's Brock Lesnar and have him throw out a ceremonial first pitch, and then have him F-5 the catcher.

But we would use someone on the Twins roster, just to make it a bit edgier.

But who?

Joe Mauer? Sorry. He's a new dad, battling a concussion. Can't do that. He has kids to feed.

Chris Herrmann? While we'd love to write the line that "Herrmann just got munstered!!!" ... can't do that either. He has a couple of game-winning hits the past few weeks.

Our vote: F-5 to Ryan Doumit. That's what happens when you have that bushwhacker beard going. That, and the fact that he struck out in a key moment in Sunday's 3-1 loss to the Indians (seventh inning, one out, runners at first and third, game tied 1-1).

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