Video: Zach LaVine shows off some crazy football dunks

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After winning the NBA All Star Weekend Slam Dunk contest, we already know that Zach LaVine can dunk a basketball.

The Timberwolves rookie averaged 10.1 points per game in 77 games with the Wolves this season, in addition to the NBA's Slam Dunk championship, he provided the Wolves with some of their biggest highlights of the season.

But how would his tremendous athleticism transfer to other sports?

LaVine is giving his fans a glimpse of what he might have looked like on a football field, by using some of his tremendous athleticism to not just catch, but dunk a football all in one motion.

As the Sporting News notes, LaVine wasn't just casually dunking the football. LaVine was catching them one-handed in mid-air and throwing down windmills, all in one smooth motion.

For those who haven't seen it yet – it's something to behold.

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Imagine Teddy Bridgewater having a target like that to throw to.

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