Viking trade speculation: Peterson? No way, but Cassel ...


The beauty of sports coverage in this still young 21st Century is that there's no shortage of pundits, experts and insiders.

And sometimes (mostly) they say ridiculous things, but here's the best wacky idea we've seen in a while, wherein "ESPN NFL Insider Dan Graziano discusses the feasibility of the Vikings' trading running back Adrian Peterson." Short answer: Not gonna happen.

On another Vikings trade jag, ESPN does raise a somewhat more likely notion: That the Vikes might jettison Matt Cassel, who went from starter to savior to third-stringer all in about two weeks.

The piece points out an obvous and intriguing move: The St. Louis Rams need a QB after Sam Bradford was sidelined for the season Sunday. Obvious question: What will the get for him?

Vikings Update delves into that question here.

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