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Vikings' 'almost Pro Bowl safety' gets autograph from Tom Brady

Andrew Sendejo's hilarious request was fulfilled by the GOAT.

Football is weird, man. One minute a guy is trying to kill his opponent and the next minute he wants his autograph. 

Take for instance, Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo, who left a note asking Tom Brady to sign a Patriots jersey for him. The screen shot of Sendejo's note is below. It reads: "If able, please sign for Andrew Sendejo #34, almost Pro Bowl safety." 

  1. That's hilarious.
  2. Brady of course signed the jersey.

"My pleasure. Get well soon," Brady wrote on Sendejo's note. 

We're not sure what the get well part of the message is referring to. Either Brady is aware of some late-season injuries Sendejo is overcoming (he was concussed in the playoff game against the Saints), or he's hoping Sendejo can emotionally rebound after the Vikings got stomped by Philly in the NFC title game. 

At the end of the day, this is a touching story from one Minnesotan (Brady) to another (Sendejo). Because, you know... Brady is one of us because his mom grew up in Browerville, Minnesota. 


– Small world: Tom Brady is part-Minnesotan.

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