Vikings' Böhringer doesn't have a car so he walks to work every day

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Moritz Böhringer, the rookie wide receiver from Germany, is literally walking his way to his dream job every day.

The sixth-round draft pick by the Vikings admitted in a documentary episode by TransferWise that he walks to the Vikings' practice facility in Eden Prairie because he doesn't have a car.

How far? About three miles there and three miles back home, according to CBS Sports.

"The main reason why I walk everywhere is... I don't have a car because I wanted to save money and every morning I just walk to the facility – and in the afternoon I walk back," Böhringer explained to TransferWise.

Böhringer's rookie contract – four years for $2.49 million – pays him $150,000 guaranteed.

Böhringer added that a lot about America "just doesn't make a lot of sense to me." Among those confusing things:

  • Miles
  • Yards
  • Fahrenheit
  • Mall of America

At least while he's with the Vikings at training camp in Mankato he gets to ride a bike everywhere.

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