Vikings castoff Kluwe in battle for Raiders' starting job


In Oakland, ex-Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has yet to lock up a starting job with the Raiders.

The Pioneer Press reports Kluwe is battling with Marquette King, a fan favorite.

But neither man has a -- leg up -- as the preseason winds down.

So far, the stats look like this as both Kluwe and King have a total of four punts each in the first two Raiders preseason games:

Kluwe: 46.0-yard average.

King: 55.5-yard average.

Kluwe, 31: "You could beat out the guy at your spot on your team but if neither of you is punting better than a guy on some other team (who is let go), they're going to cut both of you and bring in that other guy."

King, 24: "I'm not competing against anybody but myself."

Which brings us to the guy the Vikings brought in to replace Kluwe, rookie Jeff Locke, who is unopposed in his quest for a spot on the Minnesota roster.

How is he doing in the exhibition games? Twelve punts so far, with a 44.8-yard average.

Locke: "I've always been really a self-motivated guy. It's kind of me and the ball just trying to do my best."

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