Vikings clear out, optimistic for 2013


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It's clean-your-locker day at Winter Park as the Vikings enter the offseason.

Rookie safety Harrison Smith says he’d love to be playing this weekend, but his body needs a rest. As for losing to Green Bay Saturday, Smith says the Vikes “just didn’t make enough plays.”

He also told KFAN-FM 100.3's Paul Allen that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is as good as advertised.

Allen runs down the on-air day in his "Monday Bits and Boredom" blog, RIGHT HERE. As Allen writes: "Today was a day for me to transition from self-loathing to the reality this is a team on the improve and it will be even better next year."

Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway, meanwhile, is angry about losing to the Packers, but is filled with optimism.

Greenway said Minnesota will have an "unbelievable" team in 2013, a team he says that’s going to have to be dealt with -- each and every week.

“When it ends up not going your way … you wish you had another week,” Greenway said. “We believed."

Pro Bowl kicker Blair Walsh agrees, saying: "I think we are on the edge of being great."

For potential MVP Adrian Peterson, it's time to relax -- for just a bit. He told Fox Sports North he'll take a few days off and then get back what he calls "the grind." In his words, he wants to "come back and be better than I was this year."

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