Vikings coach Mike Zimmer doesn't sound in love with Keenum, Bradford or Bridgewater

Zimmer was speaking at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is now officially on record saying all three of his 2017 quarterbacks – Case Keenum, Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater – are "definitely" in the mix to come back in 2018, but he sure did paint a rather gloomy picture around each of them. 

Just look at some of the things Zimmer said about Keenum. 

"Is he the guy when he was at Houston or the Rams or is he the guy who played for us?" Zimmer said during a press conference at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. "Is it because he had a good team around him?”

That's not exactly roses and butterflies, nor were his comments about Bradford's knee, which he called "degenerative." 

"His knee’s not great, obviously, right? It’s degenerative,” Zimmer said. “But it’s his history of being hurt. That’s the monkey wrench in the whole thing. Can you believe he’s going to play the 15 games he did two years ago, or he’s going to play the one game where he hit the turf this year? That’s the big dilemma.”


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As for Bridgewater, Zimmer had no problem saying he "loves the kid," but didn't hide the fact that a two-year absence because of a horrible knee injury worries him. 

"Him not playing for two years and not being able to see him play in live situations, that’s concerning a little bit."

Put it all together and Thursday was not a day of praise for any of the three soon-to-be free agent quarterbacks. 

The Vikings have until March 6 to use their franchise tag. 

NFL free agency begins March 14th, although teams can legally talk to players beginning the 12th. 

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