Vikings don't want to see Mike Zimmer when 'daddy's mad'


Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer dropped the best line of the day when he was answering a question about being satisfied with the team's work ethic.

"If they ever get out of line, they know that daddy's mad."

Before dropping that zinger, Zimmer sounded really pleased with the team's focus.

"They work," Zimmer said. "There's not a lot of jackin' around and guys are focused on their jobs. They go out here and compete and try to win, but they practice the right way."

But "daddy" did get mad last week: "Something happened last week," said Zimmer, "they were doing something I didn't like and I kind of told them about it."

Watch his press conference right here. Zimmer drops the "daddy's mad" comment just before the 7-minute mark.

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