Vikings fallout: Peterson rips refs; flight delayed after truck runs into team plane


A bizarre day in Baltimore didn't stop with the absurd conditions on the field Sunday.

After the game, Adrian Peterson, who has a foot sprain and will get an MRI Monday, had some unpleasant reviews of the officiating and Baltimore's home crowd.

The "bad officiating" Peterson is likely referencing is a call on a Toby Gerhart fumble that was reviewed and upheld when it looked like Gerhart's knee was clearly down.

Leslie Frazier said Vikings coaches in the booth thought there was no doubt about it, but referees told Frazier "it's not clear enough" to overturn.

As for the crowd, they threw snowballs throughout the fourth-quarter, prompting the reaction from Peterson.

In even stranger news, Minnesota's flight out of Baltimore was delayed, not because of weather, but because a catering truck ran into the plane.

At least the Vikings have a sense of humor about it despite the close loss.

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