Vikings fans don't come close to being as unruly as other fans


WCCO did an extensive report on misbehaving fans across the NFL, and the results were... one might say, Minnesota nice.

The report found that Vikings fans are pretty well-behaved compared to most teams in the NFL.

Over the past five seasons, there have been 184 police reports related to drug use, public intoxication or fighting inside or outside the Metrodome during Vikings games. There have been 33 arrests over that same time.

“It’s incredibly important for us that our fans feel safe are able to enjoy the game,” said Jeff Anderson, the Executive Director of Communications for the Vikings.

In contrast, thousands of fans are arrested every year at the home stadiums of the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and New England Patriots.

The latest case of stadium violence happened one-week ago when three fans were stabbed in the parking lot in Denver following a game between the Broncos and Chargers, the Denver Post reported.

On Dec. 1, a fan was killed in a fight outside of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City after the Chiefs lost to the Broncos, according to the Kansas City Star.

So while the Vikings are finding ways to stay out of the playoffs, Viking fans are finding ways to stay out of jail. It's all about the moral victories, folks.

Note: Fortunately, the Metrodome doesn't have a fountain, or something like this might happen.

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