Vikings' Greenway rescues stranded boaters on Lake Minnetonka

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Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway wasn't on the field Monday, but still found himself in the right place at the right time, at least for two stranded boaters.

Greenway came to the assistance of Edward and Crystal Alexis, who became stranded on Lake Minnetonka near the spillway at Gray's Bay Dam, Monday afternoon.

According to KARE 11, the people were stuck on the lake and lost the ability to steer their boat. The boat then began drifting toward rocks and the spillway.

The couple had just purchased the boat on Sunday and were on their maiden voyage, when trouble struck.

'The waves were so big and the wind is so strong today that it pushed him right into the rocks," Greenway told KARE. "So we had to get him off the rocks, his prop cleared out of the rope, and get him turned in the right direction."

Greenway entered the water and helped escort the boat to an inlet and waited with the couple for the water patrol to arrive.

The Viking Age reports that Greenway and the couple were OK.

"Oh, it's always been the Vikings," Crystal told KARE. Her husband though had a different answer. "I'm a Chicago Bears fan, I'm just going to keep it real," Edward said.

Greenway joked that it was a good thing they told him that afterwards. Greenway also drove the couple to get their boat and car.

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