Vikings hope to make amends to family put off by unruly crowd


A St. Paul man says his 10-year-old son threw out his Helga Horns in disgust after rowdy and obnoxious fans prompted the boy to walk out of Sunday's game in the first quarter. Kurt Burch recounted the incident in an open letter to the team published in the Star Tribune.

The Vikings say they don't condone indecent behavior by fans and want to make the game-day experience a positive one. A spokesman tells the Business Journal the team is considering having a family section in the new stadium slated to open in 2016. In the meantime, the Burch family tells WCCO they've been invited to take in a Vikings game from the press box. (Is that an escape from obnoxiousness?)

About 7,000 fans were kicked out of NFL stadiums last year for unruly behavior. Last month a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers joined their ranks when he was placed in a head-lock by a Metrodome security guard in an incident captured on video.

The real fireworks are about four minutes in:

And don't think that rude behavior is just an NFL thing. In September Minnesotans proved they can be boorish even while watching non-scholarship collegians from a couple of upstanding Catholic universities do battle on the gridiron.

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