Vikings playoff tickets are among the cheapest – but it's gonna be cold

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A frigid forecast for Sunday's showdown with the Seattle Seahawks may be providing a silver lining for fans in the form of surprisingly low ticket prices for a playoff game.

The National Weather Service currently forecasts the high temperature for the upcoming Wild Card round matchup at 1 degree (not a typo), with the wind chill expected to drop below zero.

Coldest home games in Vikings history, according to Vikings public relations:

  • -2 vs. Chicago, 12/3/1972
  • 0 vs. Green Bay, 12/10/1972
  • 5 vs. Los Angeles, 11/29/1964
  • 9 vs. Chicago, 12/5/1970
  • 11 vs. Cleveland, 1/4/1970 (playoff game)

Not the friendliest of temperatures for outdoor football, but the cold weather could be helping to keep ticket prices down.

Sunday's noon game has the cheapest prices of any Wild Card round game, league wide, and not by a small margin either.

The NFL's Ticket Exchange has upper-deck prices currently listed at $57, which is about $111 cheaper than nosebleed seats at the Green Bay-Washington matchup for the same day. That game will be played at Washington's FedEx field in Maryland, which dwarfs TCF Bank stadium by about 30,000 seats.

Hometown fans hoping to maximize their chances for a little warmth from the sun should look for seats on TCF Bank Stadium's north side, which also happens to be the Vikings' sideline. Ticket Exchange currently lists seating availability all over the stadium (see the map below), with tickets on the upper deck's sunny side averaging $110.

Those $57 seats we mentioned earlier? They're mostly in the stadium's southeast and northeast corners, which will put you right in the crosshairs of a stiff west-northwest wind blowing in from the stadium's scoreboard cutaway, according to the weather service.

Thrifty fans had better bundle up.

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