Vikings RB's cleats pay tribute to Harambe

Tributes to Harambe from Vikings players continue.
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The bizarre fixation with the late Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Harambe among Minnesota Vikings players presented itself in cleat form on Sunday.

Ahead of the Vikings game against the Eagles, it was revealed that running back Jerrick McKinnon is wearing cleats that pay tribute to the famed gorilla.

Harambe died after being shot by zookeepers when a child fell into his enclosure back in May, and his death has spawned thousands of memes across the internet.

"RIP Harambe," McKinnon's cleats say, with a picture of the famous gorilla imprinted on the heel of the shoe.

It's at least the second reference made to Harambe by Vikings players before a game.

Before their season opener against Tennessee, Chad Greenway can be heard saying "Spoons out for Harambe," a nod to the (ruder) internet meme, as he psychs his teammates up, as reported by CityPages.

The Vikings won against the Titans, so maybe the great gorilla sky will be watching out for them in Philadelphia on Sunday.

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