Vikings reach compromise on baseball field at new stadium


The new $975 million Vikings stadium set to break ground in October will also host numerous college, high school and amateur baseball games.

After being at odds for about a month, a deal was reached with architect HKS Inc. that accommodates the needs of both football and baseball, the Star Tribune reports.

The major concern was the proposed distance from home plate to right field. The original football seating design put the right-field foul pole 285 feet from home plate and the right-field power alley 319 feet away, both shorter than college and professional baseball standards.

About a half dozen design options later, an agreement was made.

The finalized measurements put the right-field foul line 300 feet from home plate, with the power alley 341 feet away.

The Associated Press says the baseball configuration will also include a 26-foot-high right field wall, retractable seats on the north sideline and removable dugouts.

The Vikings have all the baseball dimensions listed on their website. A full stadium design for various events will be unveiled in the spring.

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