Vikings release graphic showing progress of new stadium


The infographics the Minnesota Vikings release are really cool. They allow fans to get a tremendous visual of what's been happening with a player, coach, opponent, or in this case, the new stadium.

Construction of the $1 billion stadium is 17 percent complete, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority says.

If the mass of content is too small for you to see, click the picture for a larger version at

According to CBS, workers have combined to put in 350,000 labor hours into the stadium so far. The estimated total number of hours worked at completion will be 4.5 million hours. For perspective, there are 8,760 hours in a year; so 4.5 million hours of work is 513 years worth of construction.

The stadium will open sometime in early August of 2016. Two years later the Super Bowl will be played at the new venue.

If you have nothing to do between now and then, feel free to watch the live stadium cam for the next two years.

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