Vikings' Rhodes to mic'd up Antonio Brown: 'I ain't scared of your (expletive)'

Rhodes and Brown are good friends and train together in the offseason.
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Last Sunday's Vikings-Steelers game featured a matchup of Pro Bowl players who went ot the same high school: Antonio Brown and Xavier Rhodes. 

Brown was mic'd up by NFL Films and some of the chatter between the former Miami Norland High School was awesome. You have to watch the video here because NFL Films doesn't allow embeds out sites like ours. 

After a pass breakup, Rhodes tells Brown that he "ain't scared of your ass." 

Later, after a great sideline catch by Brown, Brown says to Rhodes: "You know I'm Tony Toe Tap." 

The end of the video is classic with Rhodes essentially admitting that he has a sneaky way of pulling on a receiver's pads without getting called for pass interference. 

Brown was also hanging out with his friend/Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler this week. 

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