Barr, Bridgewater, other rookies get first work during minicamp


The Minnesota Vikings open their rookie mini camp on Friday.

It will give first-year head coach Mike Zimmer and his coaching staff their first opportunity to work with their draft picks and undrafted rookies.

The Vikings will have their 10 drafted rookies at the camp, along with 15 undrafted rookies and then seven others who they invited to the camp.

The Vikings believe linebacker Anthony Barr is a great fit into their defense, but there are some questions – for one, how well will he transition to being a linebacker in the stacked position?

Many eyes will be on Teddy Bridgewater as well. The Vikings selected Bridgewater with the 32nd pick in the first round to be their quarterback of the future.

This weekend may shed some light on when that future could begin.

According to ESPN, for Bridgewater to see playing time he will need to improve his accuracy on downfield throws.

Bridgewater connected on just 45.4 percent of his passes on throws of more than 15 yards, and only 39.1 percent on throws that traveled more than 20 yards in the air.

Both third round picks defensive end Scott Crichton and running back Jerick McKinnon have some promise as well.

The Daily Norseman points out that Crichton was rated as a top 50 pick by many draft followers. While it also says McKinnon possesses off-the-charts athleticism and could develop like Darren Sproles.

Here is a list of the rookies expected to participate.

Draft Picks

– Anthony Barr, LB

– Teddy Bridgewater, QB

– Scott Crichton, DE

– Jerik McKinnon, RB

– David Yankey, G

– Antone Exum, S

– Kendall James, CB

– Shamar Stephens, DT

– Brandon Watts, LB

– Jabari Price, CB

Undrafted Free Agents

– Travis Partridge, QB

– Dominique Williams, RB

– Erik Lora, WR

– Kain Colter, WR

– Donte Foster, WR

– AC Leonard, TE

– Zac Kerin, C

– Matt Hall, OT

– Antonio Richardson, OT

– Pierce Burton, OT

– Conor Bofelli, OG

– Tyler Scott, DE

– Jake Snyder, DE

– Rakim Cox, DE

– Isame Faciane, DT

Reported Rookie Minicamp Invitees

– John Oyloe, DL

– Martezz Shabazz, DB

– Jeremy Baltazar, DB

– Michael Walker, RB

– Chris Schaudt, DL

– John Wolf, QB

– Jeremy Reierson, TE

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