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It's been a decade of doom for Vikings, Twins, Wild, Wolves


A study wasn't required for Minnesotans to understand how painful watching the Vikings, Twins, Wild and Timberwolves has been in recent years.

Nonetheless, the Washington Post looked at the 12 American cities with an NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA team (Minneapolis/St. Paul counted as one city) and found that Minnesota's not-so-fearsome foursome has combined for the worst winning percentage over the last decade.

What goes hand-in-hand with losing? A lack of postseason appearances.

Since 2005, Minnesota's big four have combined for 11 playoff berths – the second fewest on the list with the exception of Miami.

The Dolphins, Marlins, Heat and Panthers have combined for just five playoff appearances, but thanks to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, the Heat have brought three titles to South Beach.

Needless to say the Vikings, Twins, Wild and Wolves haven't won a title since 2005.

  • New York: 41 appearances, 3 championships
  • Detroit: 20 appearances, 2 championships
  • Boston: 29 appearances, 5 championships
  • Chicago: 23 appearances, 3 championships
  • Philadelphia: 21 appearances, 1 championship
  • Bay Area: 22 appearances, 3 championships
  • Dallas: 22 appearances, 1 championship
  • Miami: 5 appearances, 3 championships
  • Denver: 19 appearances, 0 championships
  • Washington: 17 appearances, 0 championships
  • Phoenix: 12 appearances, 0 championships
  • Twin Cities: 11 appearances, 0 championships

In terms of which team is dragging Minnesota down the most... it's the Wolves. Target Center has been home to a basketball team with a 10-year winning percentage of just .319.


The Wild (.560) are far-and-away the most successful, followed by the Twins (.488) and Vikings (.478).

The good news is that the latest Stanley Cup championship odds from Bovada list the Wild as 9/1 favorites; the fourth-best odds behind the Blues, Blackhawks and Rangers.

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