Vikings vs. Bears: Week 6 preview

The Vikings bring their 1-4 record into Chicago hoping for a prime-time win against a struggling Bears team.
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If you're a Vikings die-hard dreamer, Week 6 opens up possibilities. A win, and suddenly the Purple are 2-4 and tied with the bumbling Bears.

We're not saying Minnesota will pass the 6-0 Packers to win the division title, but all of a sudden those Detroit Lions, now 5-1, seem to be unraveling a bit. Why else would their head coach Jim Schwartz get into a public hissy fit after losing to the 49ers?

So, back to our point. Usually 10 victories will deliver a team to the playoffs. A win against the Bears (which never seems to be easy) gets them one win closer. Crazy, crazy, crazy talk? Of course it is, but who the heck wants to go 1-15 just to see if we can land Andrew Luck hoping that he'll be the next best thing? Besides, Luck himself says the "Suck for Luck" movement is "stupid."

So, heading into the Bears game, here's what people are saying:

Let's start with NBC analyst Tony Dungy, who says the Vikings are on the right track by relying on All-Pro Adrian Peterson.

But the biggest factor in the game might be Minnesota's pass rush. The Vikings are second in the NFL with 16 sacks, and the Bears' offensive line has been less than perfect this year. That all points to the Bears keeping an eye not only on Adrian Peterson, but Jared Allen as well.

We'll see. Kickoff is set for about 7:20 p.m. in Chi-town.

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