Vikings vs. Chiefs: How they scored, etc.

It's the Vikings and the Chiefs in a Week 4 match-up at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Check here for the latest updates on the game, and more.
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View from parts unknown:

It's a Vikings Sunday, that means BMTN will track the game as it goes on, including observations from those covering it.

We're not in the Metrodome this week, but in a secluded location far, far away from Arrowhead Stadium. Does this photo set the scene or not? In fact, all we would need is a working outhouse and we could call ourselves Packer fans:

11:31: Fox Sports feature on undefeated Lions vs. Cowboys, and the great start of Matthew Stafford. Which brings up a question Vikings fans probably have never pondered: Which team do you think will win the Super Bowl first: Detroit or Minnesota?

 11:40: Best tweet so far, from Pioneer Press: "McNabb and Berrian just connected on a 15-yarder. In practice. Hey, it's a start." Berrian, by the way, tells his side of the story.

11:48: Really good Live Chat here from KFAN good-guy A.J. Mansour, plus spiffy game preview.

11:54:In case you were interested: Brett Favre jerseys only half-off at Not exactly a bargain!

11:59:Right before the game: FOX-9 giving us the hard-court-press on new/old anchor Randy Meier. We noticed hair follicle No. 672.3 was out of place in promo. Kidding!

12:01: Having out-of-body experience as ex-Gophers coach Tim Brewster is introduced as sideline reporter.

12:02: Percy Harvin takes it out to the 20 as Game 4 is under way.

12:04: Three rapid-fire tweets regarding Coach Brew on sidelines:

Minnesota Sports: "Tim Brewster as the hot sideline chick doesn't really work for me."

Dave Schwartz: "The words every #Vikingsfan loves to hear...'Now let's go down to Tim Brewster'"

Mike Rose:"Tim Brewster on the sidelines? Gus Johnson in the booth? Pinch me, I'm dreaming."

12:15: Chiefs 3, Vikings 0: Chiefs take lead on Ryan Succop's 40-yard field goal. First time Vikings have trailed in first half all year. First time K.C. has led in a game all year.

12:24: Bernard Berrian makes a catch! Wait! Holding! 10-yard penalty. Oh well. See ya next Sunday Bernie.

12:30: Vikings 7, Chiefs 3: Donovan McNabb threads needle as a diving Devin Aromashodu catches 34-yard pass in end zone.

12:39: No First Quarter StatSheet in our palms today. So, here's a random fact from the Vikings 2011 Team Guide: Most Consecutive Games Won (Including Postseason) 12, 1969.

12:49: First tweet of day from KFAN/BMTN's Tiny Joe Nelson: "Earth to Musgrave... give the ball to Adrian Peterson when you need 1-yard." Agreed.

12:50: Vikings pick up first down on 4th-and-3, clutch catch by Shiancoe. Next play, AP fumbles. Chiefs take over. But: Refs reverse ruling because AP had knee down first.

12:57: Chiefs get rock anyway as McNabb is picked off.

12:58: Gives us time to insert photo of Tiny Joe. Head slightly cut off, but you get the idea:

1:05: Vikings 7, Chiefs 6: Succop FG from 24-yards out gets KC two within one point after interception. 

1:06: Nice tweet from KSTP's Joe Schmit: "The Vikings are starting to play like this is the second half."

1:17: Better one from PiPress' Brian Murphy: "I imagine the 0.07 percent of the country watching the Chiefs-Vikings game on Channel 4896093 are passed out in their hamburger helper."

1:18: Most everyone in Twitter-verse arguing that McNabb is having rough day. At least one contributor charges that No. 5 is drunk.

1:19: Allen gets key sack, welcome back to K.C. No. 69.

1:23: Chiefs 9, Vikings 7: Succop hits third FG of day, a 51-yarder as time expires in first half.

1:24: Boy, it's nice outside. Anyone inside watching this game needs serious therapy.

1:39: As second half begins, no one will fault you for watching Super Bowl IV in its entirety instead:

1:45: Vikings 10, Chiefs 9: Ryan Longwell's 33-yard field goal gives Purple lead once again.

1:52: Tiny Joe Nelson checks in again with this tweet: "Gus Johnson's creep factor just went way up... pretty sure he just laughed and said, 'That was nice' watching a cheerleader."

1:58: Chiefs 12, Vikings 10: Ryan Succop nails is fourth FG of the day, a 54-yarder -- the longest of his career.

2:08: No First Half Stat Sheet in our hands, but here's another fun fact from Vikings 2011 Team Guide: Kicker Fred Cox is all-time leading scorer for Vikings: 1,365 points over 14-year career. Cris Carter is next, with 670 points.

2:10: Chiefs 15, Vikings 10: Succop's fifth FG of the afternoon stretches K.C.'s lead to five with seconds to go in third quarter.

2:12: Coach Brew (for FOX) on sideline: "Big drive for Minnesota. They gotta answer the bell of Kansas City's challenge" Very insightful.

2:18: Bell not answered. Drive ends. Vikes punt from 11-yard-line.

2:22: Chiefs 22, Vikings 10: Matt Cassell to Dwayne Bowe on a 52-yard TD pass as K.C. pulls away.

2:29: Fourth and 14, Bernard Berrian makes clutch catch for first down, his first of the day.

2:34: Chiefs 22, Vikings 17: McNabb hits Michael Jenkins for 1-yard TD pass. One possession game again.

2:45: Two-minute warning. Vikings driving for possible winning touchdown?

2:52: Nope. Drive stalls at 41-yard-line.

2:57: Final: Chiefs 22, Vikings 17: Minnesota falls to 0-4 on the season.

3:03: Last word from KFAN's Tiny Joe, tweeting: "Soooooo disappointing!"

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