Vikings vs. Falcons: How they scored, etc...

No Adrian Peterson? Despite that fact, Minnesota was not blown out in Atlanta -- and made things surprisingly close at the Georgia Dome. How did it go down? Click here for all the big moves -- and more..

View from parts unknown:

Time again for our BMTN blog/narrative/musings/whatever on this week's Vikings game. Today's opponent: Atlanta (6-4), at the Georgia Dome. While the Falcons are fighting to stay alive in the NFC South division race, the Vikings are playing for pride at this point -- and trying to avoid their first 2-9 start since their 1961 inaugural season. Might be tough without Adrian Peterson in the lineup. That's your zillion-dollar setup! Here's what happened:

3:11: After the game, coach Leslie Frazier says his guys "battled right to the end." Toby Gerhart: "Warrior." Percy Harvin: "Special, special player."


2:59: Over.

2:50: Toby Gerhart stopped on fourth and goal from the one. Afternoon over?

 2:46: Percy Harvin runs kickoff back 104 yards to make it first and goal for the Purple. Stud.

2:44: FALCONS 24, VIKINGS 14 -- Atlanta stretches it to 10-points again on Ryan to Michael Palmer TD pass.

2:40: Falcons on the move after slumbering in second half.

2:21: FALCONS 17, VIKINGS 14 -- Game gets interesting after 39-yard strike from Ponder to Percy Harvin on fourth down toss.

 2:13: Falcons muff punt. Vikings recover on Atlanta 36.

 2:10: IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING: The clip everyone is talking about - Bills WR Stevie Johnson shoots himself in the leg to skewer Plaxico Burress.

2:02: We interrupt this alleged comeback with this public service announcement tweet from TPT: "For a live stream of the public hearings on the #vikings#stadium, go to on Tuesday at 9am." Oooh, a legislative hearing! Still, that sounds much more exciting that today's first half.

1:58: FALCONS 17, VIKINGS 7 -- Toby Gerhart gets Vikings on board with 1-yard TD run, set up by dandy Percy Harvin 20-yard catch on previous play. 

1:49: Something to cry into as 2-14 season plays out, the plush Vikings pillow pet -- likely a Cyber Monday deal online tomorrow:

1:40: Vikes open second half with another tidy three and out. They're 1-6 in third down conversions so far today.

1:32: First half stat of note: Vikings with 97 total yards.

1:30: For those who ripped people camping out at Best Buy/Target/etc. to get those Black Friday deals, wondering when they'll "get a life" -- not much difference between that and watching this game.

1:24: Vikings, with 8 seconds to go in first half, cross the 50. They get down to the Falcons' 32 before half mercifully comes to end.

1:23: Fox TV announcer Brian Billick, with camera on McNabb, says: "Donovan McNabb did nothing to be benched as QB..." Nation -- world -- universe -- is stunned at the stupidity of that statement.

 1:22: Vikings cross 50! Wait! Holding Minnesota! One of those years.

1:19: FALCONS 17, VIKINGS 0 -- Matt Bryant hits 37-yard field goal with :37 left in first half to ice game.

1:14: It could be worse. You could be watching the Panthers and the Colts.

1:12: Or coach.

1:11: Allen also makes the tackle. Perhaps he can play first base at Target Field in April.

1:11: After another failed drive, Jared Allen's long snap on fourth down -- a beauty -- is highlight of game. It's one of those seasons.

1:01: Vikings have the ball again with 3:56 to go in first half. In search of 50-yard line -- which they haven't crossed yet.

1:00: FALCONS 14, VIKINGS 0 -- Matt Ryan hits Roddy White on a 6-yard TD pass.Purple fans in Atlanta head for the exits.

12:59: Injured Vikings long-snapper Cullen Loeffler exits the field. Jared Allen is his backup.

12:45: Everson Griffin comes up with key sack to end Falcons drive.

12:44: On that subject, tweet from WCCO's Mark Rosen: "Does Carl Lee live in the Atlanta area? He may as well suit up for the depleted and overmatched Vikings secondary."

12:43: With Asher Allen and Tyrell Johnson out right now, Vikings secondary imploding faster than Herman Cain presidential bid:

 12:40: Key stat of first quarter: Toby Gerhart: 5 carries, 14 yards.

 12:34: From Twitter-verse, a slice of common sense from KFAN's Dan "The Common Man" Cole: "Why does Leslie continue to try and be a power running team...they DON'T have the personnel...3rd and 1 and you give it to Gearhart..?"

12:30: Toby show takes a breather as Vikes drive stalls.

12:24: In no-huddle, Toby Gerhart gets first carry of the day. Stopped at line of scrimmage. On next play, Gerhart gains five. On third down, he catches an 11-yarder for a first down. Nice sequence TG! (At this point in season, we will cheer the little things, as to not lose all hope of a brighter tomorrow.) (We reserve the right to change our minds if Atlanta gets off to a 40-0 lead.)

12:22: Funny tweet from Star Trib's Jim Souhan, on a certain defensive tackle: "Remi Oyodele getting blown off line. I think Remi is Latin for 'Revolving door.'"

 12:19: FALCONS 7, VIKINGS 0 -- Atlanta QB Matt Ryan tosses a 27-yard TD toss to Harry Douglas as Falcons strike first.

12:13: Just an observation, but listening to game on KFAN with Paul Allen versus listening to the TV sound, is like eating pumpkin pie with whipped cream versus eating one of those ketchup packets ala that "Sopranos" episode featuring the Russian. We ramble, but here's a photo illustration:

12:09: Three and out for the Vikings. This is what you call the "feeling out" period, which is quickly followed by the "knock out the Vikings early" period.

12:06: Three and out for the Falcons. Courageous defensive stand to start things out. We kid.

12:02: Kickoff! Atlanta starts things off at their own 22.

11:46: We're hoping the Vikings show as much vigor today as old QB Joe Kapp, 73, showed at this Canadian Football League Alumni Dinner. This is a weird one, folks, as Kapp mixes it up with old CFL foe Angelo Mosca, who went on to become a pro wrestler:

 11:31: If you missed it, a football team from Eden Prairie wins major title. Not the Vikings.

11:30: If you missed it, a football owner was named the "Grand Turkey" this year by the Star Tribunes' Patrick Reusse. All about the Vikings.

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