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Vikings vs. Redskins: How they scored, etc...

The Vikings fall to 4-2 after a tough loss at Washington. Here's how it went down at FedEx Field...

The View From Parts Unknown...

Ready for your favorite Purple team to go 5-1 on the year and take sole possession of the NFC North? That's what will happen if the Vikings can knock off the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field.

The latest injury report have Robert Griffin III listed as active for Washington, but Jerome Simpson is out for Minnesota.

Once again, we are at an undisclosed location (parts unknown, you know, like the hometown of your favorite masked wrestler) staring at a 52-inch Samsung HDTV -- even though it's sunny and 55 degrees outside. We had good intentions of actually going outside, but figured we'd miss the coolest thing we've seen in years. Percy Harvin could score 11 touchdowns today -- and the Vikings could score 77 points -- but even that would be hard to top this:

3:24: Vikings win toss. Kicked booted out of end chance for Harvin to begin game with touchdown return.

3:28: Big Kyle Rudoph gets first down for Purple. He's Ponder's favorite. But you knew that.

3:30: Adrian Peterson, football freak/beast, breaks a few tackles to give Vikes a first down inside the 10-yard-line.

3:32: VIKINGS 3, REDSKINS 0 -- Drive stalls in red zone, but Blair Walsh gets Minnesota on board with 20-yard-FG.

3:34: RGIII on the field to lead Redskins. Antoine Winfield starts his day out by stopping Smith for a 4-yard-loss. Three more on the next play with Jared Allen stuffing Smith. Nothing doing on 3rd and 17. RGIII goes III and out.

3:36: FOX Sports is showing Christmas Eve/Adrian Peterson hurt clips. Heart skips because I thought it was from today.

3:39: Harvin catches one over the middle. Vikings in business again at the 'Skins 14-yard-line.

3:40: VIKINGS 6, REDSKINS 0 -- Blair Walsh hits again -- from 27-yards out -- after another Minnesota drive stalls.

3:42: Blair Walsh Project: Update. After kickoff following FG, the 19th touchback for an opposing team. Vikings had 19 all year of last year.

3:45: Winfield picks off RGIII at the 40. Minnesota looking like best team in NFL. Need a touchdown, though.

3:47: VIKINGS 9, REDSKINS 0 -- Walsh hits his third FG of the quarter, this one also from 27-yards out. 

3:56: Lions win a tough road game over Philadelphia in overtime.

3:57: Washington goes on 4th and 3 from the Vikes 35. Santana Moss makes the catch and gets the first down.

3:58: VIKINGS 9, REDSKINS 3: Kai Forbath -- on his first NFL kick -- puts Washington on the board with a 50-yard FG.

4:08: Adrian limps off the field. Sprained ankle OK? Replay shows perhaps not -- as big Hogs land hard on AP.

4:17: RGIII may get Emmy nomination for falling on turf after getting a minute love tap from Erin Henderson. Flop City, but a first down for Redskins, who are headed for end zone.

4:22: BEST TWEET SO FAR: From msannomalley: "All that yellow, red pink and purple on my TV looks like a Mexican restaurant exploded all over my TV."

4:24: REDSKINS 10, VIKINGS 9 -- Alfred Morris runs it in from the 1-yard-line to give Washington a 1-point lead.

4:27: Twitterverse getting angry with Vikes. Complains markstephens 411: "Can we get some real offense going one of these games?"

4:30: Not on this drive. Ponder fumbles. Redskins take over at the Minnesota 6-yard-line.

4:31: REDSKINS 17, VIKINGS 9 -- Darrel Young catches a 6-yard TD catch. Game suddenly spinning out of control.

4:42: Halftime can't come soon enough for bewildered Vikings. In the first quarter, the Vikes had outgained the Redskins 148-45. In second quarter, Redskins outgained Vikings 115-9.

 4:45: MOST INTELLIGENT TWEET SO FAR: Vikings KFAN radio analyst Pete Bercich: "Ponder not confident in pocket. He needs to get cold blooded. Take some chances."

4:55: Second half starts. Vikings must buy clue. So far, they're looking like extras in this television production:

5:02: RGIII making Vikings defense look like Gophers. Redskins driving again, at Minnesota 7-yard-line.

5:04: REDSKINS 24, VIKINGS 9 -- RGIII runs one in. Washington wipeout?

5:12: BEST TWEET SO FAR, from KFAN's Dan Barreiro: "Vikes might have mildly preferred Kirk Cousins."

5:15: Vikings driving, in red the 19. Third and 6, though. Pass to Harvin in end zone.....incomplete.

5:14: REDSKINS 24, VIKINGS 12 -- Walsh hits a 38-yarder. Vikes make it a 12-point game.

5:23: Yo: Robison. Haircut.

5:24: Twitter plea from VikingsIdealist: "FORCE A TURNOVER FOR THE LOVE OF ZEUS."

5:30: Fourth quarter starts with Vikings pinned deep in their own territory after D.C. punt.

5:32: BEST TWEET SO FAR, from gellis34: "Vikings falling to Earth faster than Felix Baumgartner." (For Felix video, see above!!)

5:34: Ponder's rough day continues as he tosses one to ex-Vike Madieu Williams, who takes it to the end zone. That's called sweet revenge.

5:35: REDSKINS 31, VIKINGS 12 -- Wheels off after Madieu Williams 24-yard TD interception.

5:44: Vikes in red zone again, with 9:06 left. Stay tuned.

5:43: REDSKINS 31, VIKINGS 20 -- First offensive TD since Indianapolis game as Michael Jenkins catches a 9-yard pass from Ponder. Two-point conversion good. 

5:50: With 8:02 left, miracle needed. Or, how about a three and out? Vikings have just one so far, back in the first quarter.

5:54: 3rd and 1 from the 29 for Redskins. Huge play for not-out-of-it-yet Vikes. LeTroy Guion hits Morris for a loss.

5:56: Marcus Sherels loses helmet after vicious hit on punt return. Looked extremely nasty, but was clean.

6:04: Aromashadu draws flag in end zone. Vikings in business with 3:42 to go.

6:03: REDSKINS 31, VIKINGS 26: Ponder to Rudolph connection makes it a 5-point game after tw0-point conversion fails.

6:08: RGIII sacked by Jared Allen. Wheels starting to come back on for Purple.

6:09: Game on line right here. Third and six for Redskins. But: RG3 runs one in for a touchdown. Wheels. Off. Again. Game. Over.

6:10: REDSKINS 38, VIKINGS 26 -- Washington strikes back with 76-yard RG3 TD run.

6:19: Two minutes left in game. Vikes at midfield, but Purple can't get it into the end zone. Redskins intercept with :22 seconds left.


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