Vikings vs. Redskins: Week 16 preview

We're starting to wonder what Leslie Frazier's Christmas list looks like. We're pretty sure he's begging Santa for a couple of new offensive linemen, an entirely new secondary, a high-profile wide receiver and a couple of wins. Santa may not be able to provide a win, but he might be able to give Adrian Peterson the gift of a 200-yard rushing game.
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This Saturday, it's the Vikings and Redskins at FedEx Field. On the surface, it doesn't look like Minnesota (2-12) and Washington (5-9) have much to play for. And, to be honest, they don't.

But ... we want you to read this article, so please play along.

Actually, for the Vikings -- this is all about next year. As in, management is watching so the players that finish strong have a better shot at being on the 2012 squad. Bottom line, according to Fox Sports North: Changes will be made.

Having a lousy record also means the Vikes will pick high in next spring's NFL Draft. Who would support Christian Ponder (if he's the quarterback) best? The Bleacher Report has their top five picks.

Sports writers in the nation's capitol are complimentary of Ponder -- as well as Percy Harvin -- but they're also well aware how bad the depleted secondary has played in 2011. One stat kind of says it all: No interceptions in the past nine games.

Facing Rex Grossman, will this be the week that drought ends? Star Tribune beat writer Dan Wiederer doesn't think so.

Meanwhile, the most important man behind Ponder believes he can tear apart the Redskins' defense. Adrian Peterson says he's back to 100-percent healthy and ready for a big game.

Making a road victory less likely is the number of injures the Vikings are dealing with. It seems like half the team is already on injured reserve, and it's not out of the question that Asher Allen and Steve Hutchinson end up on IR sooner than later. Both missed practice Thursday with concussions.

That's a quick roundup of what's being said so far about Saturday's game. As for the players themselves, here's a ton of audio from our partner Eric Nelson, who heads up GameDay Gold Sports Media:

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[wpaudio url="" text="Gameday Gold: Joe Webb on Redskins" dl="0"]

[wpaudio url="" text="Gameday Gold: Greg Camarillo on Redskins" dl="0"]

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[wpaudio url="" text="Gameday Gold: Kyle Rudolph on Redskins" dl="0"]

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