Vikings vs. Redskins: Week 6 preview

Titans toppled in Week 5, it's time to look ahead to Week 6 and the return trip to Washington, D.C., site of a bittersweet win on Christmas Eve, 2011.

The last time the Vikings went to Washington, they escaped with an unlikely Christmas Eve victory -- the last of 2011's miserable 3-13 season.

But the win cost them the services of Adrian Peterson, who tore ligaments in his left knee:

Not that AP blinked. He made good on his promise to return to the team on Week 1 this year, and has helped the Vikings get off to a wild 4-1 start. But getting to 5-1 may be tricky. Or not.

A source tells ESPN that rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III is expected to start against the Vikings on Sunday, despite suffering a concussion last week. However, will he be the same RG3?

One the Vikings injury front, we're hearing that a back injury led to leg problems for wideout Jerome Simpson last week. But coach Leslie Frazier says there's a "very good chance" Simpson will play Sunday.

Other storylines? Mike Wobschall from has a list of nine in his latest blog. The one that that jumps off the page: Can the Redskins contain MVP candidate Percy Harvin? That's right, MVP candidate. As in, the best player in the football world. Not many teams make the playoffs without a superstar or three.

Playoffs? Get real. It's way too early to talk playoffs, isn't it?'s Kevin Seifert -- along with most of the experts -- say it's really too early to get to excited. But Seifert does say, "If the Vikings look like a duck..."

More nuts and bolts, video style. Here's the crew from the Bleacher Report, who say this game will come down the team that rules the rushing game. And if RG3's backup, presumably Kirk Cousins (instead of Rex Grossman), is forced into action and plays well -- it could be a rough one for the Purple...


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