Vonn finishes 40th in first World Cup race in 10 months


The impressive Lindsey Vonn was back on the slopes Friday for her first World Cup event since tearing her ACL 10 months ago.

She finished 40th in the event at Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, but simply participating was impressive enough considering Vonn suffered partial ligament tears in her knee after falling during a training run just three weeks ago

Despite all the odds she was up against, she was hoping to win.

"I'm always a positive thinker. I try to look on the bright side of everything, and I was really optimistic that I could come down and just — first race, right out of the blocks — win, and it was wishful thinking. But might as well shoot for the best, you know?" Vonn said, via the Star Tribune.

"I was just too nervous. I was really tight, and I skied that way. I skied tight," she explained. "I wasn't in a really deep tuck. I wasn't pushing the line where I could have. And I just kind of skied it, and that's not my style. That's not how I attack a race."

In a related story, Vonn was offended during her appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman." Vonn says she didn't like Letterman making fun of her sport.

“He had no right to be so disrespectful and make fun of my sport!” Vonn told Red Bulletin. “There was no point trying to tell him off or anything. When you play along, that means that you accept the rules, and one of the rules is that David Letterman’s Late Show is not the place for serious discussion of the rules of competitive skiing.”

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