Vote now: Wolves fans trade Wiggy, get Butler or hold pick #5?


An important day looms large for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Thursday it's the NBA draft and with it, the start of free agency and a bustling trade market.

The Wolves are fixed in the national spotlight. Will they tweak that promising, youthful and talented roster? The biggest rumor remains the Wolves trading for Chicago's Jimmy Butler.

ESPN Insider Chad Ford writes:

"The Wolves continue to explore both moving up in the draft and moving out altogether if they could land a veteran like Jimmy Butler to help the team make the playoffs this year. If they keep the pick, they seem to have four players strongly in the mix at No. 5: Dunn, Murray, Brown and Bender.

Murray and Bender fit obvious needs for shooting. Dunn and Brown give the defensive toughness head coach Tom Thibodeau loves. If Dunn is there, I think he is the choice for the Wolves. However, if he's off the board, Murray's shooting and ability to play both the 1 and the 2 give them a versatile, go-to scorer to put alongside Ricky Rubio and Zach LaVine."

Ford is not the only national insider who expects a busy Wolves front office. NESN's Nicholas Goss writes that the Wolves have competition for Butler. Goss adds that "Jimmy Butler’s name is front and center in the rumor mill, with the Celtics and Timberwolves viewed as potential destinations."

What's also been rumored over the past week is that any Wolves deal for Butler has to include Wiggins. For many loyal Wolves fans, that's a deal breaker.

So Wolves fans, what would you do? Go ahead and make your deal.

It all plays out Thursday evening. We'll keep you updated here.

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