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Wanted: Someone to wear Viktor the Viking suit


The current best costumed mascots in Minnesota, in order, in our humble opinion:


T.C. Bear:


Viktor The Viking:

Who? Yep, it's Viktor the Viking. Mascot for the ... Vikings.

Oh, you thought that was this guy:

Nope, it's costumed mascots. Ragnar is ... different.
Anyway, if you would like to be the next Viktor the Viking, the NFL team based in Eden Prairie is looking for someone to take over.

The qualifications for such a job are what you would expect (according to the official online job posting):
-Maintain the mascot costume, props, and vehicles.
-Coordinate Viktor’s schedule and book appearances.

Et cetera.

But it's just for anyone. The qualified candidate must also have:
-Minimum of 4 seasons of collegiate and/or professional mascot experience.
-Strong communication and organizational skills.
-Familiarity with Outlook, Excel, Power Point, and Photoshop.

We also liked the Pioneer Press line on this story, as they quipped that Viktor may also "occasionally fill in at quarterback."

We think they were kidding.

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