Warroad native Oshie opens up about baby's birth defect

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Warroad's T.J. Oshie has opened up about about a personal struggle his family is dealing with.

On the Today Show Friday, the Olympic hockey star who plays for the St. Louis Blues discussed his newborn daughter's battle with a birth defect called gastroschisis. That's a condition in which the infant is born with the intestines on the outside of the body.

The Today Show reports baby Lyla has successfully undergone surgery, is eating normally and is expected to join her family at home early next week.

Oshie and his fiancée Lauren Cosgrove were not able to hold Lyla initially because of the condition, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. They first were able to hold her a week later.

Oshie said he was allowed to be with the his daughter during the procedure, holding her hand while doctors performed the surgery.

"It was scary going through it all, but the doctors were doing such a great job, and the surgeons," Oshie said. "So I guess as comfortable as you can be with your first-born having to go through something like this, I think we've done a pretty good job."

Oshie and Cosgrove, learned of Lyla's condition when it was discovered during a routine ultrasound and knew she would have to have surgery as soon as she was born. According to the CDC, the condition affects just under 1,900 babies a year in the United States, but it has a high survival rate.

Through the whole ordeal Oshie has only missed a single game for St. Louis.

According to the CBS report, even though Oshie has continued to play he has taken time to be there for his daughter and fiancée during that time.

He remains playing effectively for the Blues as the team is marching toward the postseason. In the team's eight games since the birth of his daughter, Oshie has six points. All of those points came in a two-game span last week, including a hat trick against the Wild.

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