Was the officiating bad Sunday? The NFL might think so


It was wet, it was cold, snowballs were thrown, and the Vikings plane was hit by a truck.

Sunday had pretty much everything in Baltimore, and according to Adrian Peterson, among other players and coaches, it had some rough officiating as well.

That was AP's well-publicized tweet after the game yesterday, and head coach Leslie Frazier even said in his postgame presser he thought "there were plenty of things that could've been called," adding about the questionable call that was Toby Gerhart's fumble "our guys upstairs thought was clear (he was down)."

Perhaps the NFL took notice of what Frazier and Peterson had to say, as the head coach said he was contacted by the league today to discuss the officiating in yesterday's 29-26 loss.

Yes, the league called Leslie, not the other way around, which is much more customary the day after games.

What were they calling to say? Frazier wouldn't go into specifics, but did say according to FOX Sports North "the fact that they called should give you an indication of how they felt about things on that day."

Of course, while Frazier said it was a "good conversation," it served as little solace as Minnesota's suffered their fourth loss this year inside the final minute, Frazier adding "the bottom line in our business, is getting a win, we didn't do that yesterday."

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