Watch Adrian Peterson mess with a TMZ reporter

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Adrian Peterson is not going to retire this year.

There's literally been zero speculation that he might suddenly decide to hang up his cleats and end his prolific nine-year career. He has said that he's bored with training camps and that the grind of the offseason could be a key factor in the future when he does decide to retire, but there's literally no chance he doesn't show up for training camp in Mankato next month.

That didn't stop a TMZ reporter from asking Peterson this question: "There's a story out there that says you might retire before the season starts, is there any truth to that?"

Peterson's answer was perfect.

"You know, there might be a little truth to that," said Peterson, obviously messing with the guy. "I'm thinking about... just going ahead and hanging it up before the season starts, man."

The stunned reporter asks, "Really?"

"Did you really believe that?" Peterson replied, before answering another question and then spitting on the ground.

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