Watch: Badgers safety victim of sickening cheap shot in win over LSU

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Wisconsin Badger D'Cota Dixon probably hasn't felt sorer the morning after a game than he does today.

The safety hauled in a game-clinching interception against No. 5 Louisiana State University at Lambeau Field on Saturday – a shock win for the Badgers.

But as he ran off to celebrate, he was blindsided by LSU offensive lineman Josh Boutte – a 6'5", 345 pound senior – who kept running straight into Dixon.

You can see collision in the video above, and ABC reports that LSU's coach Lee Miles will be reviewing the footage to see if any action against his player will be necessary.

But after the game he suggested that Boutte – who was ejected by the officials – might not have known that Dixon had gone down and that the play was dead.

Boutte might have had a clue though, from the fact that Dixon and the rest of the Badgers were celebrating, while Boutte's own teammates had stopped with their hands on their hips.

Dixon shrugged off the hit afterwards.

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