Watch: Blair Walsh's missed field goals cost the Seahawks a win

Wide left, wide left, wide left...
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Wide left. 

Once again, those two ill-fated words are haunting former Vikings kicker Blair Walsh. During Sunday's Seahawks game against the Washington Redskins, Walsh shanked three field goals – all in the first half – to the left.

He became the first kicker to miss three field goals in the first half since Mike Nugent in 2014.

Walsh, looked like he had put those problems behind him, he came into the game having missed just one field goal all season.

The Seahawks scored two touchdowns in the second half but they opted to go for two-point conversations on both scores and had a 14-10 lead with under two-minutes to play.

Unfortunately, Seattle's defense couldn't hold up as they surrendered a touchdown to the Redskins shortly after and ended up falling 17-14.

Walsh's three hiccups cost his team a win, which is something Vikings fans know absolutely nothing about...

Minnesota cut Walsh mid-season last year and brought in Kai Forbath to replace him. Despite having troubles with extra points, Forbath has missed just one field goal attempt since signing with the Vikings.

Walsh on the other hand made it a point this summer that "wide left" won't define his career, but it appears he's still having issues getting past them.

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