Watch: Dubnyk 'save of the year' just six minutes into season?

Sprawling, backhanded, reverse side of the glove, no-look, one handed, and all that while on his back.

The first period save that Wild net-minder Devan Dubnyk made was definitely one you don't see every day – and probably one you won't see all year. 

It's times like these we should all feel even more grateful that we live in the era of the DVR. I couldn't find the remote control fast enough to hit the 'rewind' button, just to make sure I actually saw what I thought I saw.

Red Wings forward Gustav Nyquist used his momentum to swiftly step past a helpless Matt Dumba. With speed, Nyquist cuts in front of the crease. After Dubnyk whiffed on a poke-check with his goalie stick, Dubnyk looked to be beaten. 

But Dubnyk, in wizard-like fashion, sprawled to the ice while facing away from the puck, and made an impossible back-of-the-glove stop.

All this just six minutes into the 2017-2018 NHL season – which is why Devan Dubnyk may already have the "save of the year" award locked up. 

The Wild dropped game one of their 2017-2018 campaign by a score of 4-2 in Detroit, but will look to bounce back with a win at 6PM on Saturday at the Carolina Hurricanes.

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