Watch: Ex-Viking Corey Fuller's motivational speech in the projects


Corey Fuller is coaching high school football in Florida these days, but in the late-90s he was playing defensive back for the Minnesota Vikings.

Fuller, a second-round pick in 1995, started 10 games as a rookie and went on to start 56 games in four seasons with Minnesota. Fuller retired in 2004 after playing four years with the Browns and two with the Ravens.

Fuller was known for being an intense player – once poking a Packers offensive lineman in the eye – and he isn't lacking any fire as the football coach at East Gadsden High School in Havana, Florida.

Per USA Today, Fuller recently took his team the small home in the projects that he grew up in – and delivered an inspiring speech in the middle of a thunderstorm. Watch it here.

"I lived in there 21 years. Twenty-one years I stayed in these projects," Fuller said. "It's where I learned how to play football at. You all keep walking around like you've got something. I come from nothing. I keep giving you all my soul every day and you all won't listen. Nobody is not going to give us nothing. We've got to take what we want. You want to go to college? You want to get out of your situation? Work hard. That is why we came through here. My master bedroom is bigger than this whole house. I come from nothing. I don't want to hear no more complaining from none of you all. All we gon' do is work. Do you understand me?"

The kids responded "yes sir" and Fuller instructs them to "get on the bus."

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