Watch: Goldy Gopher trucks kid during halftime, brags about it on Twitter

This is what happens when a grown adult in a costume runs through a kid.
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It's the cutest thing ever when little kids put on the pads and play football against mascots during halftime, but cute can turn painful when the full-grown adult inside the mascot costume turns into Bo Jackson. 

Look how hard Goldy Gopher ran over a kid from Eagan's youth football program during halftime of Sunday's Vikings-Bucs game at U.S. Bank Stadium. 

The strangest part of this story is that Viktor the Viking challenged Goldy Gopher on Twitter to recreate an older highlight of the University of Minnesota mascot steamrolling youth football players. 

Goldy's response: 

Here's an extended video of the play. 

Even the Vikings put the video on their website, and then rubbed it in a bit more with a slow motion version of the play. 

Mascots might look cute, but that's just mean, man. 

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