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Watch Jimmy Butler get feisty with a reporter

Every reporter's worst nightmare.

“I knew he was gonna block it so I just put it up there for him to throw my s*** into the stands.”

That's Jimmy Butler's sarcastic response after a reporter asked him if he knew LeBron James was going to block his shot in the waning seconds of overtime.

For what it's worth, LeBron didn't literally block Butler's "s***" into the stands. But he did follow it up with the game-winner. 

Honestly, I feel bad for the guy who asked the question. Being a reporter can be a tough job, and this guy got stomped on by one of the NBA's biggest stars. That's rough. 

At least Butler didn't finish him off by saying "good question" and then turning around, shaking his head and moving away. 

What's that? Oh he did? Huh. Ouch. 

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