Watch: Justin Thomas wins PGA, but shot of the tournament goes to Jon Rahm

Jon Rahm pulls off the impossible with this circus shot.

While the young and talented Justin Thomas was busy securing his first career major by winning the 2017 PGA Championship, Jon Rahm wowed the spectators on Sunday with a golf shot you have to see to believe.

Watch: Rahm found himself with a precarious lie so he improvised. Beautifully.

Just when you thought you'd seen in all. Many golf fans have seen the occasional goofy golf shot: When a ball is up against a tree and a right-handed golfer might have to hit left-handed, or the handful of times we've seen golfers remove shoes or even pants to get a stance in a water hazard. 

However, I don't ever recall seeing a player facing completely away from the hole, using one arm to swing, and executing a near perfect chip shot onto the middle of the green from about 75 yards away. 

He didn't take home the first-place trophy like Justin Thomas did on Sunday, but Rahm certainly dazzled the crowd in that moment. 

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