Watch: Kid dives over fence for must-see catch in the Junior League World Series title game

Somebody take this kid out for pizza and ice cream!

It's one thing to climb the wall to make a great catch. It's an entirely different thing to jump right over the wall like 13-year-old Jack Regenye did in the Junior League World Series (JLWS) championship game on Sunday. 

Things got a bit whacky after his surreal catch. First, the umpires ruled the catch an out and then changed it to a home run after the Chinese Taipei manager argued that the ball was already over the wall when Regenye caught it. 

Regenye and Pennsylvania returned fire with an argument of their own and the umps eventually decided to stick with the original call, so it was an out. 

Chinese Taipei won the game 12-1 for the title. 

Regenye hit .533 during the week-long tournament. 

The Junior League World Series is different from the Little League World Series (LLWS). The LLWS is for players ages 11-13; the JLWS is for kids ages 13-14. 

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