Watch: Mike Zimmer breaks it down after mandatory minicamp

Mike Zimmer broke it down after the Vikings wrapped up mandatory minicamp.
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Vikings fans would be doing themselves a favor by following the Vikings Entertain Network on YouTube. They push out a ton of great video, including head coach Mike Zimmer's in-the-huddle speech to the team following the last day of mandatory minicamp.

"This team works, they study, they come out here ready to work every single day," Zimmer said Thursday. "So let's continue to push the same mentality, continue to push teh same culture and lets continue to get better. Each and every one of us. Keep getting better at these situations and when it gets down to the end of the football game like this, we'll know how to handle it. Hell of a job this spring, fellas. I'm proud of ya."

Here's another great video of Randy Moss breaking down a huddle after practice on Wednesday.

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