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Watch: New amazing progress for Jack Jablonski


Jack Jablonski continues to amaze and inspire as he works every day to walk again.

It's been four years since the former Benilde-St. Margaret’s athlete was paralyzed in a Minnesota high school hockey game. A month ago, video showed Jablonski controlling his lower body.

Now, Jablonski shows everyone how his amazing recovery continues via this video posted by Dawn Mitchell of FOX9:

Jablonski's mother attributes the progress he's making to the epidural stimulation he's getting during therapy sessions at the Courage Kenny center, writing on his CaringBridge page in July: "We are certain that these have made a difference in his functionality."

Jablonski will return to his studies this fall at the University of Southern California where he also interns with the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings.

For more updates on Jablonski's recovery, check out his Instagram here.

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Prep hockey player Jack Jablonski making progress

According to family, the Benilde-St. Margaret's sophomore is getting stronger and will begin rehabilitation soon. Jablonski is sitting up in a specialized chair and moving his arms below the triceps. The 16-year-old hockey player was checked from behind during a junior-varsity game on December 30. Jablonski severed his spinal cord and fractured two vertebrae.

Jack Jablonski goes home

Benilde-St. Margaret's hockey player Jack Jablonski left the Sister Kenny institute, where he's been rehabbing since January 23. Jablonski was paralyzed in a hockey accident in late December. His family is moving into a handicapped-accessible apartment until their home is remodeled.

Jack Jablonski returns to school Tuesday

The Benilde-St. Margaret's junior who suffered a paralyzing injury in a high school hockey game last year will be heading back to classes after a summer of physical therapy and catching up on the schooling he missed.