Watch: On his 5th batting stance of the season, Twins suggest Byron Buxton has finally figured it out

Buxton crushed another home run Thursday night as the No. 3 hitter in the Twins' lineup.

Byron Buxton has changed his batting stance more times this year than most people have changed their oil the last two years. Be honest, you're among those who wait longer than you're supposed to when it comes to oil changes. 

Anyway, Buxton, per a cool video breakdown by Parker Hageman, has changed his approach in the batter's box five times this season. 

  1. Leg kick, open stance, hand movement
  2. No leg kick, open stance, hand movement
  3. No stride, foot lift, closed stance, higher hand movement
  4. No stride, no foot lift, closed stance, lower hand movement
  5. Foot stride, closed stance, lower hands and less movement

The results of his ever-changing swing, which we assume he'd like to keep the way it is now, are spectacular compared to what he was doing the first three months of the season. 

Get this: On June 30, Buxton had a mind-bogglingly low .552 OPS and he was striking out 31.8 percent of his at-bats, according to Sporting News

Since July 1, Buxton owns a .322 batting average (.238 for the season) and he's raised his OPS from .552 to .664. 

“It was just a matter of him creating some lower half stability and understanding how to fire his lower half in a strong position,” Twins hitting coach James Rowson told Sporting News. “Everything from there is just athleticism.”

On Thursday night, Buxton hit third in lineup just like he did to start the season, but this time around he came through with a home run, his 10th of the summer. 

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