Watch: Teddy Bridgewater looked like he had fun on 'Celebrity Family Feud'

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Trees, Teddy? Trees?!?!

That's the answer Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater gave on "Celebrity Family Feud" Sunday night, when host Steve Harvey prompted him: "Name something that grocery store bags are made out of."

"You've got paper bags, come on now," countered the 23-year-old quarterback with the nickname "Great Under Major Pressure," as his four NFC "Feud" teammates cracked up over on the side. All in good fun though, as Teddy seemed to realize on Twitter:

Bridgewater (who said he actually has the "Family Feud" app on his phone) played with four other NFC offensive players to try to snag $25,000 for a charity of their choice.

We won't spoil everything that happened, in case you want to watch. But know that the young QB got plenty of TV time.

He even got a chance to give romantic advice – he was asked to fill in this blank with an answer from 100 women: "To turn me on, a guy should run his fingers down my ____." Here's one of his two responses.

If you've got a cable account log-in (so like if you log-in to HBO Go online), you can watch the Teddy episode of "Family Feud" right now on If not, just be patient – it'll be free for everyone in a week.

Although if you don't mind a tiny screen and not-great quality, there's always YouTube. (h/t to Reddit for that link.)

On Twitter, he retweeted a ton of people who were laughing about it. Here are a few fun ones, including from teammate Tyler Heinicke:

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