Watch: The 2018 All-Hockey Hair Team

Salads and caterpillars, what more do you need?

The guy from Game On! Minnesota has done it again with mentions of "Hairmantown," "Monticell-flow," the "Prowler Poodle" and more in his 2018 version of the All-Hockey Hair Team video. . 


Minnetonka, Orono win state hockey championships

Here's the video, and beneath is a recap of how he described the best salads. 

– "The salad Spartacus from Orono."

– "Who says goalies can't have great hair? You can if you're from Hairmantown." 

– "This one's called the bedhead. The Hornets must've been staying at the Westin, because that's some heavenly hockey hair." 

– "Somebody better tell Clark Wally World's back open, because Monticell-flow brought it and was shaking it out like a beauty." 

– "We call this the Salad Sideshow Bob. Perfect." 

– "Unless it's the first of the month we should maybe go in the basement, because that's the flow-nado from East." 

– "People have been telling me about this jolly ginger giant, and here he is, Big Red. Love the early shakeout. All I can think about when I see this kid is Red Vines are totally better than Twizzlers." 

– "We have the Prowler Poodle. Hey kid, if you're ever in Madison Square Garden wear a hat or you'll win Best in Show at Westminster." 

– "Ra-pucks-zel, Ra-pucks-zel, let down your hair. In a tournament that's way too shy, this girl crossed over like a king, couldn't be prouder." 

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