Watch this Twins prospect launch 3 straight long homers

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Adam Brett Walker is his name and launching massive home runs is his game.

Seriously, Walker is known as a big-time power hitter at Triple-A Rochester. He homered twice last Thursday and he followed that up on Saturday with three ridiculously long home runs.

"Definitely feeling pretty good," Walker told "I've been a little up and down this season, but I think it's starting to come around: feeling comfortable in the box and just not missing my pitches. Feeling locked in a little bit. Just want to keep it going and build a little consistency."

[milbvideo id="723443283" width="480" height="324" /]

Walker home runs by level:

  • Class A: 27 HR in 129 games
  • Class A+: 25 HR in 132 games
  • Class AA: 31 HR in 133 games
  • Class AAA: 9 HR in 36 games

But it doesn't sound like the Twins are ready to give the Milwaukee native a try at the big leagues. Walker strikes out in nearly 44 percent of his plate appearances. For comparison, Miguel Sano has struck out in 35 percent of his plate appearances this season.

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