Watch: Torii Hunter's son concussed after vicious football collision

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Former Twins star Torii Hunter's son, Torii Hunter Jr., is a wide receiver at Notre Dame and on Sunday night he was the victim of a nasty hit in the end zone.

The hit from the Texas defensive back was ruled legal but the elder Hunter tweeted that there should have been a targeting penalty called.

Hunter Jr. initially caught the ball before it was knocked loose by the hit.

A targeting penalty can be called when a defender uses the crown of his helmet to make contact. Video from the back of the end zone shows Hunter Jr. getting hit by helmet-to-helmet contact and a shoulder – but not the crown of the Texas player's helmet.

USA Today notes that targeting can also be defined as: "No player shall target and initiate contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, fist, elbow or shoulder. When in question, it is a foul. (Rule 2-27-14)"

Here's the view from the back of the end zone.

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