Watch: Lindsey Vonn's groin massage joke embarrasses J.J. Watt

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Things got a little bit weird before the ESPYs started last night, specifically when Minnesota downhill Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn made a "groin" joke about NFL star J.J. Watt.

It happened during an interview on the red carpet with ESPN's Hannah Storm.

Vonn, while grabbing Watt's bicep, got the fun started by saying Watt didn't come to her pool party the day before because he was pumping iron. Then, while Watt was giving a cliched answer to a question about how he played so well despite a bevy of injuries last season, Vonn interrupted with her own medical review.

"And lots of massages," Vonn said, according to Deadspin. "In the groin era."

Storm uncomfortably laughed and said she was "going to let that slide on live television."

Watch the weirdness unfold right here.

But Vonn's joke didn't come out of nowhere. Watt, back in late January, tweeted that he's had a bunch of "nurses" offering to help heal his groin surgeries. Yes, Watt did actually – severely – injure his groin last season.

For the record, Vonn wants people to know she wasn't drunk.

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